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In the past the post and telegraph were the means of communication. This was followed by the advent of television and fax. The computers and the mobile phones were the next to follow in the evolution of communication. The mobile phones allowed not only audio but also the text messages to be sent and received from a transmitter to the receiver. The advent of the internet took the communication sector by a storm. Internet depends on the connectivity, compatibility of the browser and the computer to display. The desktop PC hardly allowed any mobility so the lap tops were engineered. Now these lap tops did not fit the palm and were a bit difficult to carry.
This led to the making of the smart phone, a combination of the computer and the mobile phone. The smart phone allows the user to access the internet from wherever possible. The four main players in the current scenario are as follows:
1. Smart phone devices: There are now a number of brands of smart phones in the market. The operating system and platforms vary from brand to brand. This implies that the technology used is also going to differ. If the business wants its application to be displayed on all the cell phones the application needs to be compatible with the operating system and platform of those smart phones or the application needs to be developed exclusively for every brand of cell phone.
2. Business: In these times of tight competition every single buyer is crucial for the survival of the business. If you are you looking for more in regards to <a href="">gta 5 online money cheat xbox 360</a> have a look at our own web site. The number of the smart phone users has grown so high that they need to be considered a different market segment. No business can afford to neglect this market segment. If one business commits the blunder of not having a mobile application, the other will try to take the best advantage of the situation and move a step further to attend to this market segment. If any business wants to survive, it has to resort of mobile application development.
3. Buyers: No matter what the business is or how big it is, finally it is the buyers who buys the product or services and brings money to the business. Without buyers no business can exist or survive. Nowadays there are many buyers that access the internet through their mobile phones. They like to place the order and even pay the bills through the cell phone. If the buyer fails to have accesses to your service or products then it is the business that loses a buyer. The smart phones have given the freedom to the buyer to order whatever they want from any corner of the world.
4. Application developers: The mobile application serves as a bridge between the cell phone user and the business. The application developer needs to study the purpose of the application and at the same time what makes the buyers to buy the products or services being offered through the application. The application developer needs to be adept at technology to be used for mobile application development too.